New flavor of culture and elegance, that creates spaces which attract and has widespread attention in the interior design, this collection juxtaposes iconic fashion environments that directly inspire by conveying the marriage of fashion and interiors.


Art Deco collection breathes new life, excitement and a bit of informality into the world of design, so it illustrates the new meaning of extravagant atmosphere combined with the skills from the past of the old Italian craft.


The collection is designed in traditional Italian style of the turn of the 18th century, with slight Rococo elements. The traditional Italian style is accentuated by intarsia applied on furniture surface, as well as Nero Moca & Ciliegio Veneziano finishings. The items of this collection are confectioned of solid beech and linden, with solid walnut panels and plywood.


The collection is styled in late Baroque. The peculiar features of the collection encompass curved lines of legs and backs; an abundance of handmade carved decorative elements; beds and couches; as well as a screen to first appear in this collection. The collection is made in solid beech and linden, walnut and cherry panels, plywood and MDF.

Our philosofy

Feeling at home. Home furniture becomes for CAVIO CASA a setting for private life, a mirror of the life who live it, the setting where to feel like a star in your own home. 

At CAVIO CASA we return to origins then, a way to rediscover the classical with passion by highlighting the typically italian features and the warmth typical of “Made in Italy”.