Inspired by natural shapes, colors, and textures and made with extra-fine materials only. Timeless objects are strived to be designed, which never goes out of fashion.


It’s essential to be surrounded by fine objects that calm and give «a new breath», that fulfil. Home is believed to be a place to find a deep relieve and taking risks is only «outside».


We create space you would love to come back to. Furniture that catches an eye and satisfies all the demands of its owner.


The space you live in is the silent ambassador of your values. Our priority is giving you the essence of being home, a meaningful environment that reflects your lifestyle values.

Our philosophy

Feeling at home. Home furniture becomes for CAVIO CASA a setting for private life, a mirror of the life who live it, the setting where to feel like a star in your own home. 

At CAVIO CASA we return to origins then, a way to rediscover the classical with passion by highlighting the typically italian features and the warmth typical of “Made in Italy”.